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Opening Options


We like to have convince at our fingertips especially when it is cold, raining, windy or snowy. How much easier would it be to press a button and drive right in to the garage, to unload the shopping, to stay dry or even to make transitioning the children more safely from car to house? Choose from one of the many options available to make exiting and entering your property easier.

  • Stay Dry Whist Opening and Closing the Garage Door
  • Many Different Colours to Choose From
  • Bi-secure Technology for Extra Security
Mobile phone technology
Mobile phone

Can operate all types of garage door and gate by a mobile phone app, the equipment needed to operate this is easily installed and easy to use with confidence and still provides  convenience operation through your personal mobile phone. You can check the position of the door or gate from anywhere that you are (internet signal applicable).

Key Fobs

This option can be used to open gates, garage door or both. The remote control comes complete with batteries and full step by step programming instructions. Gives us a call if you need assistant in working out which remote control you need for your door/gate or if you need help setting up your remote control.